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Graduation Sickness, NOT Senioritis

I don’t know about the rest of 2010 but I think I have “Graduation Sickness.” I’m looking in all directions and maybe in more directions than ever before in my four years. We’re right at the end of the semester…there … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga is (and wants her fans to be) celibate?

Wait, wait, wait. Hold the (tele)phone. Lady Gaga doesn’t want her fans to have sex? I’m lost. As an artist whose image is very heavily based on her sexuality, it was a shocker to me when she came out and … Continue reading

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Dogs = Man’s Best Friends? This should solidify that claim.

I was on a message board that I frequent a lot a couple of weeks ago and some guy said he taught his dog this trick in two days. Two days! Now if I could teach my dog this, my … Continue reading

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Volume 1, Issue 2 Preview: The Man Behind FOJO

Pr0go’s been working on an article for the new issue. The article is about FOJO, or “The Fashion Dojo”, a new up-and-coming social networking site dedicated to fashion, designed and created by UVA ’08 Alum, Malcolm Jones. While she was … Continue reading

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Honest Incognito – The Guise of

switch.’s new First Lady checking in (or in the words of AP, Sofia aka THE BOSS—move over, there’s a new sheriff in town sir). Let me start by assuring the public that this piece is written with no intention of … Continue reading

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1938 Dating Guide for Single Women

So switch.’s new “First Lady,” whom you will all be meeting later this week, just turned me on to the 1938 Dating Guide for Single Women. And I must say, not a lot has changed in the last 72 years… from … Continue reading

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Now, I have no problem with the fact that one day out of the year everyone feels compelled to start loving each other, but I truly don’t see the benefit of Valentine’s Day from the male perspective.  I mean honestly … Continue reading

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lw* Snapshots: Conversations with a Brit

(“Bestie” is lying on the couch in my room with MY phone in her hand. I have not seen my phone for the last four hours. She has just been sexting texting for that whole time. Luckily, I have unlimited … Continue reading

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