Lady Gaga is (and wants her fans to be) celibate?

Wait, wait, wait. Hold the (tele)phone. Lady Gaga doesn’t want her fans to have sex? I’m lost.

As an artist whose image is very heavily based on her sexuality, it was a shocker to me when she came out and said that she was practicing celibacy, and that her fans should do the same. In her own words:

I can’t believe I’m saying this — don’t have sex. I’m single right now and I’ve chosen to be single because I don’t have the time to get to know anybody. So it’s okay not to have sex, it’s okay to get to know people. I’m celibate, celibacy’s fine.

She also added:

It’s okay to be whomever it is that you want to be. You don’t have to have sex to feel good about yourself, and if you’re not ready, don’t do it. And if you are ready, there are free condoms given away at my concerts when you’re leaving! … I remember the cool girls when I was growing up. Everyone started to have sex. But it’s not really cool anymore to have sex all the time. It’s cooler to be strong and independent.

Now, I completely agree with her statement that people shouldn’t have sex in order to feel good about themselves, and that they shouldn’t do it until they’re ready. I think that right there is gospel, and more young people need to understand that. With that said, however, I still don’t like the fact that it’s coming out of Lady Gaga’s mouth. If Alicia Keys was saying this… fine. After all, in Alicia’s song, “Teenage Love Affair,” she said herself that, as a teenager, she needed to “pump the brakes” after reaching third base with a boy. On the other hand, though, let’s reflect on Gaga’s song, “Love Games,” in which the hook says:

Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but I’m pretty sure that “disco stick” is a metaphor for the male member. (And if you don’t know what that means, please visit Urban Dictionary.) So to hear Gaga preaching about celibacy… ehh, I’m not really feelin’ that. Like I said, I completely support her statements on celibacy, but when you consider the mouth that the statements are coming from, it all gets a little muddy.


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4 Responses to Lady Gaga is (and wants her fans to be) celibate?

  1. John Gault says:

    I’m curious why you would find anything “muddy” or inconsistent about someone who, obviously, loves sex and sexuality, but realizes that it is something that can be abused–just like anything good can be abused. I don’t want to put words in GaGa’s mouth, but I think if you were to talk to her, she would say something like this:

    Sex is awesome. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and something to enjoy. It is also something to be respected. If you’re having sex because you think it makes you “cool”–don’t do it. If you’re having sex because you think it will make someone who doesn’t love you start to–don’t do it. If, however, you’re having sex because YOU enjoy it, because YOU’VE decided you’re ready, and because your potential partner wants the same things you do–and you are doing so in a responsible manner, then please go forth and fornicate to your heart’s content.

    It seems that only when we “dirty-up” sex with religious dogma or when we cloak it in a bubble of overly-romanticized connections with marriage does GaGa’s message become “muddy”.

  2. *N* says:

    John- I think what you are saying is exactly right! She is expressing her thoughts that there are right and wrong reasons to be having sex, and just because she isn’t dating anyone at this crazy point in her life doesn’t mean she will be “celibate” forever. She’s saying its everyones personal opinion. And of course her music and style has sex written all over it, sex sells…

  3. T Ford says:

    She do gotta phatty tho! LOL!

  4. TruScholar says:

    check out … read up on what they say about Lady Gaga…it is some interesting stuff that could spark alot of discussion. enjoy!

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