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NFL Wild Card Weekend Predictions presented by Rev. R x D. Hud

As of last night, the NFL completed the regular season and this upcoming Sunday the Wild Card round will begin. I’ll give a quick break down for those of you who aren’t football savvy. The Wild Card round features the … Continue reading

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Michael Vick to be reinstated Week 3

This is not just another Michael Vick story and I’m not here to tell you that he threw a pass in practice today. I just saw a report on ESPN.com this morning that NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, is expected to … Continue reading

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PETA, Michael Vick, and Nia Long

Anybody following my Facebook and/or Twitter knows that I’ve been talking all day about how much I don’t like PETA. My bad. I really just can’t stand them. Anyway, I thought it was fascinating that in all the pictures I’ve … Continue reading

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Congratulations Michael Vick!

Michael Vick has finally signed with an NFL team after all of the weeks of speculation his final destination is the Philadelphia Eagles via a 2-year deal. As a supporter of Vick I’m happy for him and hope that he … Continue reading

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