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Who is the best in the game right now, Kobe or Lebron? Will the Yankees ever get right and win a World Series or 5 again? Who won the game last night?

UVa Student-Athlete Killed, Men’s Lax Player Charged

Update in The Baltimore Sun. Fourth-year, University of Virginia women’s lacrosse player Yeardley Love, 22, was discovered slain at a 14th Street Northwest apartment early this morning (circa 2:15 AM). Charlottesville police were called upon under the pretense of a … Continue reading

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NBA Playoffs: There’s no place like home

Approaching the halfway mark of the NBA playoffs that seems to be the case.  Playoff pictures are steadily moving into 2-1/2-2 splits as the scenario for the games have begun to shift. I won’t detail the location of all these … Continue reading

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NBA Playoff Predictions (West): Teams 1-4 (Round 1)

So, in a nutshell, here’s how I feel about the top four teams in the Western Conference, and how I think they’ll do in this year’s playoffs:

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nba playoff eastern conf. preview: round 1 (teams 1-4)

Gotta love the underdog. I mean, we’ve all been there — face-to-face with a more formidable opponent and mustering the courage, the strength, the energy, the [fill in your own miscellaneous adjective here] to rise above and get the win. … Continue reading

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NBA Playoffs Predictions (WEST): “Bunk on top, because there’s no sleeping on the bottom”

You Heard Me! Don’t sleep on the bottom guys in This years NBA Playoffs. It’s $.dale and I’m signing in for 5-8 in the west. Let’s get to it:

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NBA Playoffs Predictions (EAST): Rumblings from the Dungeons of the “L-EAST”

Let’s all come to terms with one thing. The caliber of playoff teams in the NBA’s Western Conference as compared to the Eastern Conference is close to the difference between night-and-day. The Eastern conference has four bright spots in the … Continue reading

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A Little Afternoon Inspiration

I came across this a couple days ago and I was just ever so inspired. You don’t have to be a sports fanatic, football or a Patriots fan for this one… but it’s quite motivational. Ty Warren, a 29 year … Continue reading

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World Cup Terrorism?!?

So supposedly some guy made an indirect threat on the U.S. World Cup game that will take place in South Africa this summer against England in an online magazine.  It stinks that these extremist fools know how to work a keyboard, … Continue reading

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