Honest Incognito – The Guise of formspring.me

switch.’s new First Lady checking in (or in the words of AP, Sofia aka THE BOSS—move over, there’s a new sheriff in town sir). Let me start by assuring the public that this piece is written with no intention of offending anyone.

“Ask me anything.” “I promise I’ll tell the truth.” (Disclaimer: spelling and punctuation were corrected…no need to add to ignorance.) These phrases clutter Facebook’s most recent news feeds of many as we sign in for our daily dose of stalking and social communication. Following these blatantly false claims, are the epitome of my tolerance limit. By now you’re well aware of what I am referring to, my latest attention-crazed nuisance, formspring.me. A place where individuals indulge in creating a profile for themselves where others can anonymously, or not so incognito, ask every deep burning question they have harbored and has remained unanswered, despite thorough Facebook investigation. Now before I continue on this rant of exhausted ignorance, allow me to share a few questions so that you may begin to understand my disdain for the existence of formspring.me.

Q: sup

A: wat upp

Q: so wat are the characteristics of the right one

A: Sense of humor. Outgoing. Goals in life. Hates smoking and drinking….wait thats askin for too much lol…uumm I like college boys with a pretty boy swag. A guy that is a momma’s boy. I dont like clingy guys too much.

Q: you only think you don’t know who I am but you do know me. if you knew you’d probably never would’ve imagined that it would be me sending you this.

A:  sooo can u jus tell me who u r? in a mgs or sumthing

Q: what would you say if I asked to be the leading lady in your life?

A: umm i would say ok but the problem would be i dnt even kno who u r

Q: do you like cheese?


Q: Did you play any sports when you were little?

A: cheah! i played basketball, soccer, and i was on swim team since forever! (:

I could quite possibly

Q: Can i be your pillow?

A: yep as long as u soft

I’ll give you a moment to digest.

At first glance, formspring.me seems intriguing. A tell-all Q&A of sorts. Until this forum has flooded your Facebook newsfeed consecutively with the same predictable personal questions and irrelevant nonsense. For starters, let’s consider the first question and answer. Now is that absolutely necessary? The site advertises the following: “Send and receive anonymous questions, and learn more about people you find interesting by following their answers.” Fair enough, but “sup”? That’s just a waste of everyone’s time. Aside from that, most of the questions follow a trend. Whatever happened to good ole conversation? Have we moved past the stage of finding out about someone through actually initiating dialogue? Apparently we’re reduced to discreetly inquiring simple facts (i.e. if they like cheese and what sports they played as children) as well as romantically pursuing our peers ever so inconspicuously.

While I can appreciate protecting one’s identity for fear of rejection, I have lost all respect for those virtually throwing themselves at their person of interest. Again, I understand the appeal of concealing your intentions, as well as offering all there is to know about you…but c’mon!! The constant inquiry of one’s ideal girlfriend/boyfriend is tired and old. You can’t expect someone to fall in love with you via cyberspace for the way you phrase your (often misspelled) questions. Sorry to disappoint, but your methods are not only inefficient, they are also bothersome to the general public.

Dare to be different, or better yet act like you’ve got some sense. Save the icebreaker “20 Questions” for your Facebook chat. And save the “can I be your girlfriend” questions for private conversations…there are some things that shouldn’t be asked anonymously. And some things that shouldn’t be asked at all: see “can I be your pillow?”

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10 Responses to Honest Incognito – The Guise of formspring.me

  1. Sydnasty says:

    It seems that this “first lady” is not only extremely good looking, but apparently a good writer as well.

  2. Rev.R says:


    I had never considered getting one of these and now I never will.

    I think that just about all of these social networking sites…specifically Facebook and Twitter can add to the “disconnected” nature of our generation. Meaning that it is becoming increasingly common for people to be socially awkward or unable to carry on a conversation face-to-face; social networking provides them with the viable alternative scenario in which they can temporarily shed their awkwardness and say everything and anything.

    • The First Lady says:

      Thank you sir. Funny that you mention technology’s cause of a disconnection in our social behavior…I wrote a an internal assessment (10 pages long) about just that in high school for IB. It’s amazing the affect it has had on our generation.

  3. D. Hud says:

    All of this BS (formspring.me, Honesty Box, etc.) is ridiculous to me. I’ve always been from the school of thought that if you can’t ask me something to my face, then you shouldn’t ask me at all. If you have to remain anonymous, then that’s a problem in my opinion. Great post!

  4. die says:

    great post!
    excited for the newest additions to switch.crew 🙂

  5. pr0go says:

    Great post First Lady!! LMAO!

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