S.H.H.O. Time

If you haven’t seen the chalking, the tweets, the Facebook page/statuses/ events, etc…allow me to clue you in.

The Student Hip-Hop Organization has arrived at the University of Virginia. The members include two of Switch’s very own, Chuck and yours truly.

More importantly, tickets for their upcoming G.O.O.D. KIDS concert featuring Big Sean and Mac Miller go on sale tomorrow at 9 AM in Newcomb Hall, at the SAC. A limited number of tickets will also be available online for those who are unable to attain them at Newcomb.

For more information on ticket sales and the show. See S.H.H.O. tumblr (link below) and the Facebook event page.

Stay tuned for more info on S.H.H.O. but in the meantime, check out http://shhotime.tumblr.com/.

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