lw* Snapshots: Conversations with a Brit

(“Bestie” is lying on the couch in my room with MY phone in her hand. I have not seen my phone for the last four hours. She has just been sexting texting for that whole time. Luckily, I have unlimited texting 😉 Remember to imagine Bestie with a posh British accent )

Me: Who are you talking to?

Bestie: (No response–she is absorbed in responding to the text)

Me: Have you been texting the same person for the last few hours?

Bestie: (Sly smile) Perhaps

Authors note: Americans are suckers for the British accent. We had grown men falling allover themselves once they heard her accent in the club

Me: You’ve only been in the US for three days and you’re already boo-loving?

Bestie: What?

Me: You heard me!

Bestie: What did you say?

Me: I didn’t stutter!

Bestie: Repeat what you said! (she is getting visibly frustrated. she drops my phone).

Me: Um…(pause) who are you talking to?

Bestie: No, the boo thing you said.

Me: Boo-loving?

Bestie: Yah (she slows down to enunciate the whole word) boooo-laaavvvvin

Me: (laughs) Wow, if you pronounce it like that, you won’t be doing it anymore.

Bestie: What does it mean?

Me: Like it sounds…loving your boo. When you are talking to someone…

Bestie: Talking?

Me: Flirting.

Bestie: That’s the lamest thing I’ve ever heard. Boo-loving (she laughs)

(she winks at me)

Besties: And to answer your question: perhaps I am.

*London Week

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