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Nike + Michael Vick…

Recently, rumors swirled that Michael Vick had signed a new deal with Nike, the same company that dropped his endorsement after the whole dogfighting fiasco. Nike, however, stated very adamantly that no new deal had been signed, and Vick’s agent … Continue reading

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Michael Vick to be reinstated Week 3

This is not just another Michael Vick story and I’m not here to tell you that he threw a pass in practice today. I just saw a report on ESPN.com this morning that NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, is expected to … Continue reading

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PETA, Michael Vick, and Nia Long

Anybody following my Facebook and/or Twitter knows that I’ve been talking all day about how much I don’t like PETA. My bad. I really just can’t stand them. Anyway, I thought it was fascinating that in all the pictures I’ve … Continue reading

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Congratulations Michael Vick!

Michael Vick has finally signed with an NFL team after all of the weeks of speculation his final destination is the Philadelphia Eagles via a 2-year deal. As a supporter of Vick I’m happy for him and hope that he … Continue reading

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let the man go back to work.

If you don’t already know, Michael Vick, who was an amazing quarterback when he previously played for the Atlanta Falcons, was jailed in 2007 because of his involvement in dogfighting. And now he’s out, and wants to play in the … Continue reading

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