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S.H.H.O. Time

If you haven’t seen the chalking, the tweets, the Facebook page/statuses/ events, etc…allow me to clue you in. The Student Hip-Hop Organization has arrived at the University of Virginia. The members include two of Switch’s very own, Chuck and yours … Continue reading

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Diz Music: Hiz Life

  Unfortunately, everyone does seem to think they are a rapper these days. So when one finally stumbles upon talent, the subject must be appreciated… Stumbling upon Yinka Diz, a UVA alumnus who currently resides in Washington DC, was in … Continue reading

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UVa Student-Athlete Killed, Men’s Lax Player Charged

Update in The Baltimore Sun. Fourth-year, University of Virginia women’s lacrosse player Yeardley Love, 22, was discovered slain at a 14th Street Northwest apartment early this morning (circa 2:15 AM). Charlottesville police were called upon under the pretense of a … Continue reading

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Looking Into The Near-Distant Future of UVA Basketball

For the University of Virginia basketball team and its fans, there have definitely been better times in the past. With the new coaching staff under head coach Tony “I kind of look like Papa John” Bennett, there were some signs … Continue reading

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william & mary 26, uva 14

“Look, I’m not stuck for answers,” Groh said. “I’m sure you all are stuck for questions. What more questions need to be asked after you turn the ball over [seven] times. That’s pretty much the question. After that, there’s not … Continue reading

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The Reign is over…farewell to Balz, Dobie, & Watson

Where are all my Wahoos who lived in Balz or Dobie first-year? I’m one of them…a proud man of my BALZ (the jokes never stop). Anyone who has been around the first-year dorms area within the last 2 months is … Continue reading

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