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We Want Lasers – Petition to Atlantic Records

The title speaks for itself and there is very little to say. Like many other Lupe Fiasco fans I’m tired of waiting for the release of the LASERS project which has been on delay by Atlantic Records since January. And … Continue reading

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Society Awareness of Vitality for Everyone

This post has been a long time coming. Before final exams started I was approached by some peers who started up a new CIO here at UVA. I was intrigued at the concept and at the passion these students felt … Continue reading

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The Silver Lining [2010 NPHC Greek Cookout]

It’s down to the last full week of classes and EVERYONE is working hard to get those last papers, exams and assignments done. Not very fair, because we’d all rather be studying for the oh-so-crucial final exams. It’s almost like … Continue reading

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Final Polling: switch. Class of 2010 Superlatives

May 23rd is approaching fast! The Class of 2010 is ready! However we need the voice of the people once again! The switch.crew would like to thank everyone who participated in the nominations process for our Class of 2010 Senior … Continue reading

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NBA Playoffs: There’s no place like home

Approaching the halfway mark of the NBA playoffs that seems to be the case.  Playoff pictures are steadily moving into 2-1/2-2 splits as the scenario for the games have begun to shift. I won’t detail the location of all these … Continue reading

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HooVille Spotlight: Protecting our Trusts, because race still matters…

RACE IS AN ISSUE at the University of Virginia.

As most of the student body now knows, this Wednesday night some bad blood was spilled and it was students versus students. Below is the first hand account from one of the young ladies involved, read the words from her thoughts and not mine and understand what this crime was and what her feelings are, how her sense of community has been taken. Continue reading

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Graduation Sickness, NOT Senioritis

I don’t know about the rest of 2010 but I think I have “Graduation Sickness.” I’m looking in all directions and maybe in more directions than ever before in my four years. We’re right at the end of the semester…there … Continue reading

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Janelle Monáe – “ArchAndroid” Album Cover

Regular readers know that I love what Janelle Monáe is doing in the music game right now. She’s at the top of my list of current artists making waves with fresh and true style…this album cover is further tribute to … Continue reading

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