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Unfortunately, everyone does seem to think they are a rapper these days. So when one finally stumbles upon talent, the subject must be appreciated…

Stumbling upon Yinka Diz, a UVA alumnus who currently resides in Washington DC, was in fact refreshing. Although Diz has found professional success as an IT Project Manager in the government sector post-graduation, this rapper/producer has yet to veer far from his passion for music.

“I wrote poetry when I was a younger [then] experimented with doing it in the form of hip-hop in the 8th grade and found it more gratifying -and a lot cooler,” Diz says,

Diz began producing shortly after, in high school, in an attempt to stand out. Unacquainted with any producers, his craving for his own original beats further pressed his aspiration to produce music.

While at UVA, Diz was a DJ, which not only provided monetary rewards but a vast network and financial sponsorship.

“As an artist, I interacted with the greater C-ville area more than the campus. I was a part of a hip-hop group known as The Kartel and we did shows throughout the Charlottesville area at venues like Starr Hill and Rapture with other local acts such as The Beetnix and Nickelus F,” Diz remembers.

For most, life post-graduation entails losing sight of dreams and assuming reality. But there are a few, who never halt their passions, regardless of the circumstances. These are the inspired.

“Life inspires me.  Particularly new experiences…New experiences give me fresh perspective from which creativity is born.”

Oh and every artist has his muse…so we asked and it was easily conveyed: ”Sydney’s my muse…”

Check it… YinkaDiz Music

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