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On TV: The Real World DC

For the past few seasons MTV’s classic reality tv show, The Real World has been mediocre in excitement & drama department and fans of The Real World don’t want mediocre, we want unparalleled action! If you watch this show and … Continue reading

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Jersey Export/ MTV and stereotypes

When driving through New Jersey on our way to New York for the Lupe concert, a few months ago, I was told that NJ is called, “the armpit of America.” I’d never heard that saying before, and no offense (though … Continue reading

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The "Run This Town" video… in full!

Following up on Rev.R’s earlier post about the “Run This Town” video with Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna, here’s a link to the full video, which was leaked earlier today. And remember, the official video premiere airs tonight on all … Continue reading

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Vogue Evolution and the Uva black gay community

Don’t cut me, but I can’t stand this show: America’s Best Dance Crew. Usually I can watch anything (vh1) but not this. I missed all the past seasons, and never really got excited about Jaberwokee(?). Randy Jackson just doesn’t do … Continue reading

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Ayo Playboy…Diddy is back!

As a music artist Diddy is not the most creative, most lyrical, or most talented performer (and he shouldn’t be on ANYONE’S top emcees list). However, Diddy the Mogul, knows how to promote and sell an artist, keep fans interested … Continue reading

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"Best I Ever Had"…or was it the worst?!

See the video here if you haven’t and then proceed to read My man Drake dropped the music video, his very first at that for his single “Best I Ever Had.” Now if you thought people were calming down from … Continue reading

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