Graduation Sickness, NOT Senioritis

I don’t know about the rest of 2010 but I think I have “Graduation Sickness.” I’m looking in all directions and maybe in more directions than ever before in my four years. We’re right at the end of the semester…there are umpteen assignments due next week, its time to register for graduation ceremonies, double check hotel reservations and who is coming to town, figure out how to move all of the belongings you’ve amassed in the last four years, think about who you’re going to dinner with, its FoxFields this weekend, pray that your thesis presentation goes well, and oh yea final exams start in two weeks.

Graduation sickness is not a longing to remain in College, its the upsetting and nauseating feeling you get leading up the moment where it all ends and begins again. When we get ready to stroll down the lawn in the black cap and gown with various cloth over our shoulders and friends in front and behind us. Its the grand closing.

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