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Volume 1, Issue 2 Preview: The Man Behind FOJO

Pr0go’s been working on an article for the new issue. The article is about FOJO, or “The Fashion Dojo”, a new up-and-coming social networking site dedicated to fashion, designed and created by UVA ’08 Alum, Malcolm Jones. While she was … Continue reading

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The fruits of our labor…switch.magazine volume 1, issue 1

Allow us to present switch.magazine volume 1, issue 1! Continue reading

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switch.crew is growing…

Now that the first issue is out, switch.magazine is finally recruiting. We have spent the whole first semester trying to figure out and finalize what switch. was about. We are still tweaking and retrying things. But now we feel like … Continue reading

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switch.advertising, part 2…

So, the switch.crew decided to hit the UVa Grounds… in broad daylight this time… RIDICULOUS

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switch.advertising, part 1…

So AP (the switch.director-of-PR) and D.Hud (the switch.editor-in-chief) decided to advertise in a very… unique way: with a megaphone. Yes, a megaphone. And they decided to have a little fun with their friends too. Check it out:

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