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Diz Music: Hiz Life

  Unfortunately, everyone does seem to think they are a rapper these days. So when one finally stumbles upon talent, the subject must be appreciated… Stumbling upon Yinka Diz, a UVA alumnus who currently resides in Washington DC, was in … Continue reading

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WEEZY’s BACK!! …and so ARE WE!

First and foremost, I would like to personally apologize for our hiatus this semester. BUT have no fear…. SWITCH. is back. And apparently, great things occur in twos (well in this case anyway) because guess who else is free of … Continue reading

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Arizona hates Immigrants [and Latinos]

On April 23, Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed the most restrictive immigration legislation into law to date. According to the law, anyone “reasonably suspected” of being an undocumented illegal immigrant is subject to questioning by police. The mandate also … Continue reading

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A Little Afternoon Inspiration

I came across this a couple days ago and I was just ever so inspired. You don’t have to be a sports fanatic, football or a Patriots fan for this one… but it’s quite motivational. Ty Warren, a 29 year … Continue reading

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LIFE : Planet Earth Sequel

Ok. I’m back. I have been in fact slacking on the blogs, thanks to my wonderful workload at THE University…ANYHOW….  LIFE! Planet Earth part 2. I’m sure that many of you have seen or heard of The Discovery Channel’s TV … Continue reading

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In His Mediocre Zone: Chris Breezy’s Mixtape

Prince of pop no more. I presume beating your girlfriend half-to-death makes you a bonafied  “gansta” or in this case just plain BOLD. In a way, I feel like Chris Brown is relieved that he no longer has to live … Continue reading

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Realistic Aspiration: Consequential Television

Snookie-K here, reporting for SWITCH. duty. Yes, snooki Karad as in the “Jersey Shore” persona. Mind you, I do not embody all snooki-esque characteristics but I do have my moments. Nonetheless, my dear friends and colleagues have deemed me as such…so, … Continue reading

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