switch.advertising, part 2…

So, the switch.crew decided to hit the UVa Grounds… in broad daylight this time… RIDICULOUS


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3 Responses to switch.advertising, part 2…

  1. pr0go says:

    Few points… I was shaking way too much. Best part hands down was Jersey the Barber. He went hard…harder than us. AP getting Chris Browned was pretty entertaining too. When I got to class after this, I was so dehydrated…the ish I do for switch.:) More switch.ads on the way UVa

  2. pr0go says:

    Forgot to add that this was TOO TOO FUNNY. Don’t be shy infront of the camera UVA

  3. Ryan H. says:

    Funniest part…seeing D. Hud’s t-shirt that says “I got out of bed this morning for this.” lol

    Shot-outs to my blu & white fam who made the video!

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