I know you’ve all been patiently waiting this moment! So Have I. CMON SON IS BACK! So for those of you who don’t know about it, CMON SON was a series last semester where I would post some of UVA’s “finest moments” lol. (both the quotes and the “lol” are necessary).  SO! With out further adieu lets get into it!

So in the way....

This Stupid block and all the ones around it are REALLY annoying. I mean COME ON SON! Newcomb is the center of the grounds! Everything you need can probably be gotten to through this way. AND YET UVA decided that fall semester was the perfect time to block this path for us making us have to walk to the opposite end of newcomb just for food. CMON SON! Why would u do that? You’re REALLY in the way right now. Get it together UVA….

omnomnomy pasta? vegan waffle batter? CMON SON

So once you travel far and wide to get into newcomb, you’re usually barraged by these television screens. UVA dining thought it would be a nice idea to allow students to text their comments about dining to this screen and display it. This only leads to “smart” comments such as “Can we have some more of that omnomnomy pasta from last night?”, “last night’s dinner selection was off the chain!”, “is the waffle batter vegan?” and my personal favorite “vegan ice cream?”. COME ON SON! I know you guys have better things to do with your time then to try and be witty on a dining suggestion screen. And vegan ice cream? you know what they call that? ICE. smh….

Now one day after contemplating how exactly I would get out of newcomb jail…i mean newcomb dining hall and what the heck “omnomnomy” means, I was passed by this bright young 1st year. With, as you can see, a rolling bookbag…..CMON SON! Rolling bookbags were NEVER hot, will NEVER be cool, and you’re really just asking to seem socially awkward. Please believe if I see you again I’m kicking your bookbag and watching you drag it on its side. Maybe that will be enough incentive for u to get a REAL BOOKBAG….

Honorable mention goes out to all those GAGA fans who dressed up at like 1 in the afternoon for the concert. WOW guys. Example?

rar, rar, oh na na! smh...



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