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Best for the latest cell phones, music players, televisions, etc…everyday pieces of technology that we use to elevate productivity or just to make our lives simpler.

Cheating on your significant other? There’s an app for that.

DISCLAIMER: Regardless of the content of the following post, I do not advocate any infidelity within the boundaries of an exclusive romantic relationship. That’s all. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming… I really wish this had been around before … Continue reading

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The Wireless War

It is pretty accurate to say that these days you can go anywhere and see someone operating a wireless phone, a trend has become increasingly prominent since the start of the decade. But what a difference time makes, as technology … Continue reading

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Google Turns 11

As you head over to to search for “whateverurlookingfor”, you’ll notice that the google logo has a new makeover for the day: Yup! Google turns 11 today! It’s growing up! Can you imagine life without google? Anyway, you can … Continue reading

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iPod nano x video camera x fm radio

The new model of the iPod Nano was released in Fall 2008 and the best thing about the new model were the color choices and its compactness. On all other fronts it was pathetic when compared to the iPod Touch … Continue reading

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