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What’s hot among the people?

S.H.H.O. Time

If you haven’t seen the chalking, the tweets, the Facebook page/statuses/ events, etc…allow me to clue you in. The Student Hip-Hop Organization has arrived at the University of Virginia. The members include two of Switch’s very own, Chuck and yours … Continue reading

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Arizona hates Immigrants [and Latinos]

On April 23, Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed the most restrictive immigration legislation into law to date. According to the law, anyone “reasonably suspected” of being an undocumented illegal immigrant is subject to questioning by police. The mandate also … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga is (and wants her fans to be) celibate?

Wait, wait, wait. Hold the (tele)phone. Lady Gaga doesn’t want her fans to have sex? I’m lost. As an artist whose image is very heavily based on her sexuality, it was a shocker to me when she came out and … Continue reading

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Boondocks Season 3 Trailer

A wonderful and yet unfortunate truth is exposed with this trailer. Boondocks Season 3 starts May 2nd…but this will also be the final season of the show. Shame, McGruder does some great, controversial, and all together funny things with this … Continue reading

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Autograph Signing Not Allowed Behind Bars

About a week into his sentence, gossip columns, newsprints and the likes of all media published countless entries regarding Lil Wayne’s recent ban of signing autographs. It was reported that the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association told TMZ that he does … Continue reading

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Reasons Why “Cry Me a River” Will Never Get Old

Check out these comments Nicki Minaj made about Lil Wayne’s incarceration… COME ON! For those of you who don’t know, Lil Wayne is currently serving a one-year (yes, ONE-year) jail sentence for gun possession at Rikers Island (for all … Continue reading

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Jay-Z x ABSOLUT Vodka – “NY-Z”

Just saw this great 15-minute documentary entitled “NY-Z,” featuring Jay-Z, and directed by Danny Clinch. Here’s the official description of the documentary, presented by ABSOLUT Vodka: Continuing to collaborate with creative visionaries, ABSOLUT Vodka presents this new 15-minute short film … Continue reading

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Wale & Skip Bayless Debate About Jay-Z on “1st and 10”

In case you missed it yesterday, Wale was on ESPN’s “1st and 10,” debating a number of sports-related topics alongside Skip Bayless and Jalen Rose. At the end of the episode, though, Wale and Skip had some interesting words about … Continue reading

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