Arizona hates Immigrants [and Latinos]

On April 23, Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed the most restrictive immigration legislation into law to date. According to the law, anyone “reasonably suspected” of being an undocumented illegal immigrant is subject to questioning by police. The mandate also requires immigrants to carry papers proving their legal status in the United States. The remedy for being caught without documentation, justified by criminal charges of trespassing, includes a jail sentence for up to six months. Latino and immigrant rights activists have denounced the new law and have begun organizing rallies and movements towards overturning it.

Aside from the fact that this law undeniably encourages racial profiling, it is also oppressive, unjust and arbitrary. This is not Nazi German Brewer! What’s next, should we enforce government issued tattoos?

Also, whatever happened to human and civil rights? Not  to mention the fact that passing such an abomination promotes the infringement of a person’s rights based on skin color. What is the inference of people who look “reasonably suspect”? Oh you must have meant those guys dressed in white tees labeled “ILLEGAL!”…right. Ok Arizona, so you might be a preferred point of unlawful entry because of the border, but in trying to prevent illegal immigration, you are endangering the rights of legal residents and citizens who are now inevitably subject to arbitrary harassment and humiliation.

Way to go Governor! now you’ve got thousands of people rioting, on strike and protesting…right in the middle of a recession. Nice.

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