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NBA Playoffs: There’s no place like home

Approaching the halfway mark of the NBA playoffs that seems to be the case.  Playoff pictures are steadily moving into 2-1/2-2 splits as the scenario for the games have begun to shift. I won’t detail the location of all these … Continue reading

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NBA Playoff Predictions (West): Teams 1-4 (Round 1)

So, in a nutshell, here’s how I feel about the top four teams in the Western Conference, and how I think they’ll do in this year’s playoffs:

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nba playoff eastern conf. preview: round 1 (teams 1-4)

Gotta love the underdog. I mean, we’ve all been there — face-to-face with a more formidable opponent and mustering the courage, the strength, the energy, the [fill in your own miscellaneous adjective here] to rise above and get the win. … Continue reading

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NBA Playoffs Predictions (WEST): “Bunk on top, because there’s no sleeping on the bottom”

You Heard Me! Don’t sleep on the bottom guys in This years NBA Playoffs. It’s $.dale and I’m signing in for 5-8 in the west. Let’s get to it:

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NBA Playoffs Predictions (EAST): Rumblings from the Dungeons of the “L-EAST”

Let’s all come to terms with one thing. The caliber of playoff teams in the NBA’s Western Conference as compared to the Eastern Conference is close to the difference between night-and-day. The Eastern conference has four bright spots in the … Continue reading

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switch.NBA Playoff Coverage & Predictions

As the title says, a few members of the switch.crew have decided to come together to offer our predictions and opinions of the 2010 NBA Playoffs aka the best time of the year for pro-basketball fans! Check back here sometime … Continue reading

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