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let the man go back to work.

If you don’t already know, Michael Vick, who was an amazing quarterback when he previously played for the Atlanta Falcons, was jailed in 2007 because of his involvement in dogfighting. And now he’s out, and wants to play in the … Continue reading

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Much respect to Allen Iverson

One guy who doesn’t get enough credit for trying and working really hard to be a great person and community icon is 10-time NBA All-Star, Allen Iverson. This man gets run down and discredited by the media so much for … Continue reading

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Can't Knock the Hustle…of Ryan Leslie?!

So I was reading the NYDN this week and I saw a post about Ryan Leslie and this “illegal business” BARBERSHOP he used to run back in college. The catch was he ran the shop which he dubbed “Shady Eights” … Continue reading

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this kid really needs jesus…

I don’t always feel like getting up on Sunday morning and going to church. I mean, I know it’s good for me, but sometimes I’m just tired. But I wouldn’t steal my parents’ car and drive away just so I … Continue reading

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outerspace flow?

Yeah… Soulja Boy thinks that he has an “Outerspace Flow,” which is the name of the new track that he put out earlier today. At the end of the track, he raps: I am so random. Girls think that’s handsome. … Continue reading

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apparently we have a racist president…

At least that’s what Glenn Beck thinks. Beck, a talk-show host, said that “this guy is, I believe, a racist.” “This guy” is none other than President Barack Obama. On the FOX & Friends show on Tuesday, Beck sat down … Continue reading

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The Reign is over…farewell to Balz, Dobie, & Watson

Where are all my Wahoos who lived in Balz or Dobie first-year? I’m one of them…a proud man of my BALZ (the jokes never stop). Anyone who has been around the first-year dorms area within the last 2 months is … Continue reading

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Its 50!

I’m still addicted to Entourage…definitely my new favorite show (even though its been out so long). Anyway on last night’s episode (One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car) 50 Cent made an appearance…it was nothing crazy but he did … Continue reading

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