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"Stern, firm, and young with a laid-back tongue, the aim is to succeed and achieve at 21."

James Madison University Springfest 2010 = Real life Call of Duty?

Alright, first things first, I usually don’t like blogging about daily things that happen in my life because I feel that’s an older generation of blogging with the whole “So, today I did this and it was good…” type stuff … Continue reading

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Dogs = Man’s Best Friends? This should solidify that claim.

I was on a message board that I frequent a lot a couple of weeks ago and some guy said he taught his dog this trick in two days. Two days! Now if I could teach my dog this, my … Continue reading

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Volume 1, Issue 2 Preview: The Man Behind FOJO

Pr0go’s been working on an article for the new issue. The article is about FOJO, or “The Fashion Dojo”, a new up-and-coming social networking site dedicated to fashion, designed and created by UVA ’08 Alum, Malcolm Jones. While she was … Continue reading

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Looking Into The Near-Distant Future of UVA Basketball

For the University of Virginia basketball team and its fans, there have definitely been better times in the past. With the new coaching staff under head coach Tony “I kind of look like Papa John” Bennett, there were some signs … Continue reading

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Best Food in Charlottesville? You’re Wrong Unless You Say Littlejohn’s

There aren’t many things that I take a strong stance on because I consider myself a pretty open and accepting person. However, I make an exception on this when it comes to food. If you know me well enough, I’m … Continue reading

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“How To Make It In America”

Check this, there’s a new show on HBO called “How To Make It In America” that aired its first episode this past Sunday. The cool thing is, HBO uploaded the entire first episode on YouTube so everyone can get addicted … Continue reading

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