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Honest Incognito – The Guise of formspring.me

switch.’s new First Lady checking in (or in the words of AP, Sofia aka THE BOSS—move over, there’s a new sheriff in town sir). Let me start by assuring the public that this piece is written with no intention of … Continue reading

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The de-privatizing of Facebook

I logged onto my Facebook last night and the first thing that appeared was a large window notifying me in a change of the website’s privacy settings, ugh. I clicked around and perused through the new format only to find myself annoyed because privacy settings have become overly simplified…and now I have to re-do all of the privacy settings I once established.

I assume that most people are semi-conscious of the news and therefore know that in the past 2 years people have been fired and screened for jobs using Facebook, business have used Facebook as a viable option for the current and future employees because the website no longer protects its user’s information by default. And now this leads into my main point…Facebook is and has been de-privatizing, with a quickness. Why? To compete with Twitter. Continue reading

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Don't let facebook destroy your relationship

LOL! Saw this on bossip today. Watch out people… facebook can trip you up!

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