Volume 1, Issue 2 Preview: The Man Behind FOJO

Pr0go’s been working on an article for the new issue. The article is about FOJO, or “The Fashion Dojo”, a new up-and-coming social networking site dedicated to fashion, designed and created by UVA ’08 Alum, Malcolm Jones. While she was conducting some interview questions, I decided to tag along and snap some behind-the-scenes flicks. Let me tell you, while I was snapping shots, listening to this dude Malcolm and hearing the dedication and commitment in his voice just made me want to get up off my ass and do something. He defines entrepreneurship to the fullest and I’ve got mad respect for the man. With that said, check out a few of the dope shots I got yesterday. These are just a teaser to the new issue coming to you soon!

Peace and chicken grease,

Chuck Z


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"Stern, firm, and young with a laid-back tongue, the aim is to succeed and achieve at 21."
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4 Responses to Volume 1, Issue 2 Preview: The Man Behind FOJO

  1. pr0go says:

    Yo Chuck Z…is that my government I see on the page? Change that up please…pr0go and all my other AKAs are preferred. lol. Dope shots though! This issue is gonna be killer!

  2. The FOJO says:

    Really excited!

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