Society Awareness of Vitality for Everyone

This post has been a long time coming. Before final exams started I was approached by some peers who started up a new CIO here at UVA. I was intrigued at the concept and at the passion these students felt to come together and start up their own organization and I can respect that kind of ingenuity. Allow me to introduce the Society Awareness of Vitality for Everyone (SAVE).

SAVE’s purpose is as follows.

The purpose of SAVE is to bring awareness of the health disparities experienced by minorities in this country and to educate the student body and Charlottesville community on what can be done about it.  SAVE defines health disparities as a substantial disadvantage in areas of health, disease prevalence, mortality and the quality of health care experienced by racial and ethnic minorities.   Members of SAVE will serve to promote healthier lifestyles for the minority groups that are at high risk for suffering from these health disparities.

I strongly encourage any members of the student body who are interested in educating the community on health issues and be sure to look for SAVE at the Student Activities Fair next fall. Until then you can find more information on the organization blog or by following SAVE on twitter.

Below are a few statistics with regards to minorities and health disparities in the United States of America.

  • Seventy-five percent of newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS cases are African Americans. Eight out of ten women diagnosed with HIV are African American (in South Carolina).
  • African American infants are more than twice as likely as white babies to die before their first birthday
  • 251 per 100,000 African American males suffer from Prostate Cancer as compared to 167 per 100,000 white men.
  • 108 per 100,000 African American men suffer from lung/bronchus cancer as compared to 72 white men.
  • 68 per 100,000 African American men suffer from colon/rectal cancer as compared to 58 per 100,000 white men.
  • HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death for African American men ages 35-44.
  • Additionally, Black women are 18 times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV in 2003 than white women.
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