C’MON SON (UVA End of the Year Edition)

As most of you know, we have all been working feverishly on the magazine (which will be AWESOME by the way… make sure you check it out!) so I apologize for C’MON SON level slacking on my part, but I assure you this was not in vain. But enough Chris Brown apologies, let’s get to it:

who wears short shorts?

Now don’t get me wrong; when the summer hit, I was thankful I left a couple pairs of shorts here so I wouldn’t have to go back and get them (heck I’m wearing shorts right now). But let’s be smart about this, guys. C’MON SON! Look at this girl, and all others like her. These aren’t shorts, they’re long underwear. I mean it doesn’t matter because they have nothing behind there to expose but still! Let’s have some decency kids. Finger tip length was not just a way to make your guys look bad! lol

Man Purse, the world's greatest oxymoron

I mean honestly I shouldn’t have to even write on this, but it is a blog so I guess I should at least say a few words. A bus driver, with a man purse. C’MON SON! Let’s be real here. Man and purse should NEVER be in the same sentence, and should DEFINITELY not be next to each other (only acceptable version, “Man bought purse for (insert female) ). Sir you have a purse, your manhood is now questioned. Put it down please.

airing out their dirty laundry?

This one was actually sent to me a few weeks ago (Thanks Erica!) Now ok I know I know washing costs $1.50 and drying is another $1.50 but you mean to tell me you didn’t have $3?! Yes it’s a recession but C’MON son! And if you’re gonna “air out your laundry” put it in FRONT of the blinds so we don’t see your gross wet clothes hanging as we walk to our room. I know you got a chair or a table or SOMETHING you can put these on and dry your clothes PRIVATELY. be smart ppl! BE SMART

no words just read

Now this one  is an honorable mention I found in a Jet Magazine while in DC mother’s day weekend. Yes you are reading this correctly. Producer, TV mogul and “Take that Take that” man himself Sean “P diddy” “puffy” “puff daddy” Combs now owns a wax statue. As if you could be anymore vain. C’MON SON! You could be the most self-absorbed rich black guy out right now. This makes Chad Ochocinco look like the pope and Terrell Owens look like Ghandi. C’MON SON! what are you thinking Diddy? Just stop…

That’s all I got kids! I hope you all enjoy a wonderful summer! Be sure to check out the magazine you’re going to be glad you did seriously! Catch you guys next post!


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  1. chuckzhao says:

    Ay, those shorts ain’t a bad thing though…lmao

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