Sunday Afternoon Jazz: John Petrucelli

I know we don’t usually do a lot on the when it comes to jazz… but I had to introduce you guys to a new artist today. He goes by the name of John Petrucelli, and he’s a former member of the University of Virginia Jazz Ensemble. I had the pleasure of having this tenor saxophonist as my hallmate in Malone my first year here, and I always knew that he was destined for great things when it came to music. Not even joking.

If you’ve ever been to Miller’s Downtown on a Thursday night, you may have seen him play in the Thompson D’earth Band… and if you’ve heard them before, you know that they’re the truth.

Check out Mr. Petrucelli in the video below, in a performance of a song entitled, “This I Dig of You.” Nice music for a lazy Sunday…


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