Music Videos: Lupe Fiasco – “I’m Beamin'” & M.I.A – “Born Free”

So I have to say… the following two videos are two of the best that I’ve seen in recent history. Period.

First up, we have the video for Lupe Fiasco’s track “I’m Beamin’,” off of his upcoming album Lasers (which he needs to put out ASAP, by the way). It is simply an absolutely magnificent piece of art. I already liked this song, but this video makes me love it. Lupe definitely hit a home run with this one. For any artist who wants to make dope music videos, watch and learn.

One artist that doesn’t need to learn, however, is M.I.A. With her video for “Born Free,” she’s created a work that is amazing on so many levels. I’m not going to explain it, because it’s something that you can’t appreciate until you watch it. So do that right now.

You can find the videos after the jump…


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One Response to Music Videos: Lupe Fiasco – “I’m Beamin'” & M.I.A – “Born Free”

  1. Magdeldin Hamid says:

    I appreciate the M.I.A. video. It was a definietly a good look on the powerful and active voice of musicians and in the art of the music video. FYI some countries are banning her video due to excessive violence, which in my opinion, only furthers the message she’s trying to spread.

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