Janelle Monáe – “ArchAndroid” Album Cover

Regular readers know that I love what Janelle Monáe is doing in the music game right now. She’s at the top of my list of current artists making waves with fresh and true style…this album cover is further tribute to that thought. The typical young-female-musician’s album cover does not leave much to the imagination, the artist shows her stuff and well. This cover on the other hand does leave something to the imagination and could actually inspire questions about how it came about…you know questions of value. I pulled the excerpt below from Vibe Magazine, its an explanation of the crown on Miss Monáe’s head and explains a bit about the term “ArchAndroid.”

The ArchAndroid Crown: Designed by Zoman Ignatius, the half-elf, half-human mystic, reportedly 500 years ago. According to legend, the crown has several magic properties, as well as innovative technologies that can be employed only by The ArchAndroid. Zoman was a consummate inventor, artist and sculptor, a cross between Tesla and Da Vinci, and as such, he designed the crown to be a work of beauty that would embody the very spirit of Metropolis. According to legend, the crown features prominent Metropolis buildings and towers that will light up radiantly when the one and only true ArchAndroid wears the crown. According to the Daily Horos, this opulent headdress was stolen from the vaults in the Black House, reportedly by 1954, in October of 2715. Several members of 1954 were hunted down and executed for this crime. But the crown was never found. Many claim it has been secreted away to the Wonderground. There is also word that in the year 2010, several 1954 operatives have crafted a replica of this historic headdress to be worn by Janelle Monáe in anticipation for her album The ArchAndroid…no word on whether or not this replica has magic properties… The Living Cyktionary, 9th Edition, 2719

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