NBA Playoffs Predictions (WEST): “Bunk on top, because there’s no sleeping on the bottom”

Look out! UnderDogs are HERE!

You Heard Me! Don’t sleep on the bottom guys in This years NBA Playoffs. It’s $.dale and I’m signing in for 5-8 in the west. Let’s get to it:

No. 5 Denver Nuggets (53-29). 1st match-up-Utah Jazz: First Squad you don’t want to sleep on. If the nuggets get hot, they can take out the Jazz in 5. The nuggets have lost to the Jazz once tho (Feb. 6) So there’s no discounting either team.

No. 6 Portland Trailblazers (50-31). 1st match-up-Phoenix Suns: Eh I’m not gonna lie to you folks, this is not looking pretty for the Trailblazers. The suns have been hot down the stretch this season. Also The blazers will officially lose both Brandon Roy (torn meniscus) and center Robin Lopez (bulging disc in back) this round. HOWEVER with the loss to Brandon Roy the Blazers beat the reigning champs and No. 1 team in the West LA Lakers and have surged since the addition of Marcus Camby. Could be a 6-7 gamer if they keep it up.

No. 7 San Antonio Spurs (50-31). 1st match-up-Dallas Mavericks: Now I know what this looks like on paper (Mavs healthy and young, Spurs old and feeble). But lets look at the overall picture. The spurs are only 5 games behind the Mavs. They have a title. They have experience. They finally have a really shooter in Richard Jefferson (COMPLETE disrespect to Bruce Bowen and that ONE spot he has to shoot). Don’t be surprised if the Mavs go home this series…

No. 8 OK City Thunder (49-32). 1st match-up-LA Lakers: Alright real talk I’m not gonna be around the bush. The lakers are looking a little sluggish but I just can’t sit up here and lie to you. I just don’t think OKC has it in them to take this. Durant is pretty much the only player on that team making a Lakers roster. They may be able to squeeze out a game but no one can legitimately call OKC being able to pull such a huge upset…

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