A Little Afternoon Inspiration

I came across this a couple days ago and I was just ever so inspired. You don’t have to be a sports fanatic, football or a Patriots fan for this one… but it’s quite motivational.

Ty Warren, a 29 year old defensive end, entered the NFL in 2003 when he was drafted, in the first round (13th overall) by New England where he remains today. After an impressive collegiate showing at Texas A&M, his future in the pros was inevitable. However, his shot at the NFL required sacrificing a college degree. To be honest, I would have done the same. Two Superbowl rings, two conference championships, five division championships, 373 tackles, and 20.5 sacks later … Warren has rethought this sacrifice.

Forgoing a $250,000 offseason workout bonus, he has decided to return to Texas A&M and finally receive his college degree.  Granted the man is a millionaire, meaning a quarter of a million isn’t much of a loss, I am impressed by his ambition. Warren, now a husband and a father, sees this as an opportunity to send a message to his children that education is important, regardless of who you are.

A degree may not always guarantee a job, but this just goes to show you that it is important and probably one the most fulfilling accomplishments in life. SO don’t worry, all those endless night in Clemons are not always in vain…. Well…most nights.

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