Bear with us…

Hard at work in the lab!

We know we’ve been slacking with the blog posts lately, so for that, we offer our sincerest apologies. But it’s because we’re spending the majority of our time working on the next issue of switch.magazine. And let me tell you, we have some great things in store for this one. Right now, we’re shooting for a mid-April release, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated as to when the issue will be coming out.

In the meantime, though, please bear with us when it comes to the blog. Although we love our blog, it’s still secondary to the magazine, which is our primary focus. We’ll still try to keep it updated as much as possible, but don’t be too mad at us if we slack off a little bit over the next few weeks leading up to the magazine release.

Thanks for your understanding, and get ready for the release of switch.magazine, Volume I, Issue II!


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