FOJO x Fusion Fashion Show 2010

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Our friends over at FOJO, The Fashion Dojo, just sent us this video (included below) from their recent trip to NYC to cover the FUSION Fashion Show in Midtown Manhattan. For those of you who might be unaware to the show’s purpose (or that fashion shows could have a purpose) read the excerpt from the show’s website. The concept of competition between two of the country’s top fashion schools sounds intriguing and clearly this is not a casual affair, as it is featured in magazines from NY to Tokyo giving participants a wide-scope of exposure.

Fusion Fashion Show is an annual competition between The Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons The New School for Design’s brightest young talent. Fifteen undergraduate students from each school (any major is eligible, though most of our contestants come from Fashion Design) are chosen to represent their school with a collection of five looks on the runway.

Adding to the show’s prestige is the inclusion big-time fashionistas to judge the competition. This year Damien Nunes, Fashion Editor at GQ, was a judge and in the past Sarah Hartshorne from America’s Next Top Model and Austin Scarlett of Project Runway were judges. I wonder how much pressure these student designers feel?! They are not only competing against their rival school, they are also subject to a jury of the fashion elite. That’s crazy on so many fronts.

With all that said, this was a good look for the FOJO team to get in there, get involved and spread their name. The video itself really captured the spirit of the show and was well edited (and not just because they have my city in it). My take on the FOJO movement is that it’s a great, young business that seems poised to take off and you can expect some collaboration in the future.

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3 Responses to FOJO x Fusion Fashion Show 2010

  1. J. Brax says:

    These kids def have talent, the fashion world is about to have some real problems on their hands in the near future in a positive prospect. Using Lupe as the promo music to the video is fire too-what’s title of that track?

  2. The FOJO says:

    Rev, thanks for the blog post buddy! Great read man really appreciate it.

    J. Brax, it actually isn’t lupe!! The name of the artist is Dre-Ski, he’s from VA Beach and signed to Bangingmusic.

    For more info, this is what we wrote on the video description:

    Special thanks to J-streetz, Dre-Ski, Madman, and Bangingmusic for the song! To hear more goto:


    — The FOJO Team

  3. y3y3n.s says:

    I really like it when you represent diverse people on your blog.

    I’m always so afraid you’ll just showcase the fashionistas and forget about the true gems.

    This shot is very inspiring! Thank you

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