Where the hell he do this at?!?

Los Angeles Lakers small-forward Ron Artest has dyed his hair Lakers’ gold and purple.  On his rather large head, “Defense” is written in Japanese, Hebrew, and Hindi.  This fool…


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4 Responses to Where the hell he do this at?!?

  1. R. Hi says:

    should have never gave this niegra money!

  2. Rev.R says:

    He’s going down the path of the darkside…towards the Dennis Rodman side.

  3. Joshua Adams says:

    LOL. ron is beast. But side note, i thought you guys would like some good “WOW” in your life

  4. J. Brax says:

    Josh this video only adds to the disgust I felt when watching Freaknik. What is the world coming to?
    And yes, I agree with Ron about Ron Artest- he is taking a walk towards Dennis Rodman’s self-expression fatality zone. Sorry you have to share a name with him man.

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