Two nights ago Drake graced his fans by dropping his a single for the Thank Me Later project, better known as his first album. I first found out about the track from my Twitter news feed and along with it I watched as music fans and rappers alike posted their mixed responses. Some people praised the track and others thought Drake was average on the track and I laughed (on the inside). Listen to it below but also think about this…why have the fans and peers of Drake put him on a pedestal? And why are we all waiting for him to fall off?

Drake – Over http://usershare.net/2DopeBoyz/y5brn8ajot3a

So they tell me that they love me, I know better than that, its just game, its just what comes with the fame, and I’m ready for that, Im just sayin…

I laughed because this is the kind of response I expect from the world of people who are familiar with Drake, his music, and his unorthodox rise to fame in hip hop. At this point we have all heard it, Drake has literally climbed to the top of the charts on the back of Lil Wayne. Wayne taught Drake how to clean up his flow and then Drake took off. At one point I thought Drake was just walking in the shadow of Weezy’s rhyme-style but I’ve since been convinced that Drake is his own man on the tracks. In fact I’ll go as far to say that from what I have heard from Drake, musically, he is a VERY well rounded artist. He is well rounded but his content doesn’t go as deep as guys like Wale and J. Cole but musically Drake is fun to listen to.

But, the point I wanted to make out of all the Drake-hoop-la is how quick people were ready to judge his album content. Understandably so because the first album is a strong factor in determining an artist’s success in the game and for someone who has so much success with his mixtapes and non-album singles the world is quite ready to see what the “Young Money Hip Hop’s White Knight” will do on HIS album. We know he can kill it on a mixtape with no record-label pressuring him behind the scenes and we also know he can kill his verse as a feature-artist next to some of the best artists and hip hop and R&B.

I’m doing me, I’m livin life right now man, and this what I’ma do til its over, til its over, But its far from over!

As Drake says in his own new single, its far from over. But apparently the spectators his fans and peers alike still reserve reasonable doubt…because every and any artist can fail on a track and hip hop has had plenty of rappers who never made it past the one-hit-wonder phase. So please Drake we need you to put out an absolute and undeniable classic…shut down all the haters and be the White Knight that cannot be touched.

Man they treat me like a legend, Am I really this cold? I’m really to young to be feelin this old, its about time you admit it, who you kiddin, man no one’s ever done it like I did it, Ah!

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