“Fort Clemons”

Earlier this morning, I went to visit a friend of mine in Clemons Library. When I got to the second floor, however, I noticed this masterpiece, known simply as “Fort Clemons.”

I’m not exactly sure what the inspiration was for this, but whoever designed this has to be a student in the A-School. This is just such a beautiful work of art.

Anyway, the fort won’t have to be demolished anytime soon, as those tables won’t be needed for studying for a while. Why? Because Spring Break is finally here! Have a very enjoyable and safe break everyone!


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3 Responses to “Fort Clemons”

  1. Joshua Adams says:

    Thats the most beast thing I seen in a while

  2. R. Hi says:

    Has sudden urge to fold paper and use with rubberbands to defend the fort… I think they’re wasps- the paper thing.

  3. Justin says:

    My roommate built it. He’s an Econ major.

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