LeBron James changing his jersey number?

LeBron James... No. 6?

Apparently, King James doesn’t want to be the next Michael Jordan. He wants to be LeBron. As a result, he’s planning to change the number on his jersey. Here’s what The Plain Dealer from Cleveland has to say about it:

James told The Plain Dealer on Monday that he’s filed the paperwork with the NBA office to switch his jersey number from No. 23 to No. 6 next season. He had to make the decision this week, the deadline to make the request to the NBA is Wednesday.

James first brought up the idea in November, saying he wanted to give up No. 23 out of respect to his hero, Michael Jordan. At that time he said he was “50/50” on switching to No. 6, his Olympic number and the day of the month his first son was born. That now seems to be 100 percent.

“I’ve done it,” James said. “I already sent it in. I’m going to be No. 6.”

I wonder how Dr. J feels about this? Hmm…


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  1. Joshua Adams says:

    Off subject, and I know I’m just gone be stating common knowledge. But Lebron has the most powerful one leg take off ever. Its unreal.

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