C’MON SON UVA “Special (Add)ition”

I need everyone to vibe with me for a moment, get into the zone if you will.

It’s Saturday night and you’re out with the crew on Rugby looking around for any semblance of a solid party. After a trial-and-error (emphasis on the error) at two houses, the crew finally gets in at the third house. Word, things finally seem to be looking up! Hoping to ride the surge of luck and good-fortune bestowed by the party Gods heathens, the crew proceeds to the dancefloor in search of some talent. This is the make-or-break point of the night.

Come to the dancefloor and find that there is a live band. Damn, well keep pushing because the talent could still be lingering despite the bulging beer belly of the lead singer. Seconds pass. Minutes pass. The talent is scarce; you look to the band in hopes that they play a banger…and that’s when it all falls down. Two of the frat boys of the house get on-stage and make a request, announced by the lead singer. The crowd waits anxiously for the entertainment to come…in the form of “Changes” by the late great Tupac Shakur.

This would be a nightmare wouldn’t it? Well the party heathens are not so courteous because this was a reality for three brave souls last night. Check out the video evidence of C’mon Son: UVA Special AddEdition



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4 Responses to C’MON SON UVA “Special (Add)ition”

  1. ronaldpbarba says:

    I’m sorry, but where did you guys encounter this?

  2. $.dale says:

    C’MON SON!

    Dear Tupac, I’m sorry this happened. They knew not what they were doing…

  3. ummm says:

    well the vatican just added this to their play list so I’m guessing everyone is feeling brave enough to perform it

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