Cheating on your significant other? There’s an app for that.

DISCLAIMER: Regardless of the content of the following post, I do not advocate any infidelity within the boundaries of an exclusive romantic relationship. That’s all. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

I really wish this had been around before Tiger messed up. Oh well… better late than never.

TigerText, a new iPhone application that launched on Thursday, allows you to specify the amount of time that a text message (sent by you) remains on the phone of the person receiving the message. That way, all of those naughty text messages that you send to your side-piece won’t come back to haunt you later. He/she won’t be able to keep them and get you into any trouble in the future.

Wow… why didn’t somebody think of this before?

According to

Called, coincidentally enough, TigerText, [the application] allows users to set a time limit for a sent text to hang around after it has been read. When that life span has been exceeded, the message will disappear, say the developers, from the recipient’s phone, the sender’s phone and any servers. The message cannot be forwarded anywhere, stored anywhere or sold to any tabloid for an undisclosed sum.

It works like this: when, say, a prominent politician sends his mistress an iPhone message via TigerText, the mistress will be prompted to install the app. When she has done so, she can read the message, but she can’t keep it. In fact, the message is never actually sent to her phone; it’s stored on TigerText’s servers. After the politician’s specified time span has elapsed — anywhere from one minute to five days — the message ceases to exist. There’s even a “delete on read” setting, which counts down from 60 after a message is opened and erases its text at zero.

For those who need an even more comprehensive way to cover their tracks, the “delete history” option will wipe away any evidence of a given phone call. No telltale suspicious numbers, no chance of getting caught out by the old “press redial” routine.


My only concern is that the messages are stored on TigerText’s servers. I don’t know how I feel about that; this could just be a huge scam to trick people into thinking that they’re safe, until the people at TigerText decide to release all of those old messages and incriminate a sh**load of people.

I’ll trust them, though, and believe that it’s not a scam. And in that case, I think it’s an excellent idea. Aside from any moral and ethical issues, the app is a great invention, as it’ll probably end up being very profitable for its creators. I’m sure the app will spread like wildfire.

Although I don’t really like the fact that they’re cashing in on the whole Tiger scandal, it’s true what people always say… one man’s loss is another man’s gain.


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