Hits of the Week: Buzzer Beaters!

Its been an un-impressive two weeks in music leaks and releases in my opinion. And up until this afternoon I was struggling to put together a decent list but I think I have a little something. Ludacris comes through with yet another raunchy and explicit song from the Battle of the Sexes project and he put a little Ode to Tiger Woods in it…you’ll see what I mean. I’m also feeling the Bobby V and Ryan Leslie tracks, both have a real smooth and sexy feel to them. Then we round it out with some classic wordplay from Kid Cudi and mixtape from XV.

Ludacris – Sexting


Bobby V feat. Nicki Minaj – Stilettos & T-Shirt


Ryan Leslie – Here She Comes Again

Kid Cudi – Know Why (prod. Dot Da Genius)

B.o.B feat. T-Pain – Trunk Band (Unreleased)

XV – 30 Minute Layover (Mixtape)

Big Sean feat. Mr. Hudson – Way Out (prod. Kanye West)

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3 Responses to Hits of the Week: Buzzer Beaters!

    • Rev.R says:

      I’ll add it in. I just heard it this morning.

      • Rev.R says:

        I just read Big Sean’s latest tweet and he says that this version of the song was bogus.

        “OMFG! i woke up and saw this bogus ass, fake ass version of “Way Out” ft. Hudson. that’s not the real version at all. the versus are..completely different, and the lyrics are way better, the mix is way better, the beat, everything is just way better for the album…The version of Way Out that leaked is old as hell, and i’m mad somebody would have the audasity to do some shit like that!!”
        – Big Sean

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