C’MON SON (UVA Edition: 2/21-2/27)

Alright guys here’s this week’s C’MON Son Moments:

Now I know what yall are thinking “you already did this one”. But I had to acknowledge THIS fool for one reason. Looks at his hands in his pockets. C’MON SON! There’s a reason you’re so cold. You have a t-shirt and pants on genius! You deserve every cold you get this winter!

The Bus System. I mean WHERE do I begin? Let’s start with acknowledging that these things NEVER work. C’MON SON! But look at this ish! the pic was taken in the morning (i.e. on the full service). So on a TEN minute loop the bus isn’t coming for 12 minutes? C’MON SON!

Now I feel like if you see the FOOL in this pic I don’t really need to go into it but as a writer I have to at least do a little bit. Will someone please call the 1980s and tell them their missing a basketball player? C’MON SON! Get out of here wit them short shorts on. This guy looks like a lesbian at a rec game. C’MON SON!

Now This is something I don’t usually do but I must for the fans. This week will feature an honorable mention C’MON SON that doesn’t necessarily have to do with UVA.

So you see how important this is for you to see. I took a screen shot of the video and cropped it so you guys could see this BS. For those of you that don’t know what i’m talking about please look at the “Hard” video by Rihanna (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcwd_Nz6Zog&feature=fvst) and look at it around 2:28. Now back to the picture. In a video titled “Hard” with a chorus line “So Hard”, Rihanna is on a PINK tank and wearing Mickey Mouse ears…. C’MON SON! There’s nothing Hard about that. You’re killing me! C’MON SON!

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