Best Food in Charlottesville? You’re Wrong Unless You Say Littlejohn’s

There aren’t many things that I take a strong stance on because I consider myself a pretty open and accepting person. However, I make an exception on this when it comes to food. If you know me well enough, I’m always down for an excellent meal or a tasty snack. In no way am I just some fat kid, I just enjoy the culinary excellence others offer me.

Now, I’ve been at the University of Virginia long enough to experience the different food spots, whether a big franchise or a small “hidden treasure” type spot, but there is only one place here that has a special place in my heart. To be honest, the food at this place just never disappoints.

Yes, you guessed it. Littlejohn’s. BY FAR the best spot at UVA to eat. I know some of y’all are thinking in your head, “Man, this kid is crazy. Nothing beats Basil/Lemongrass/Take It Away/Christian’s/any other not as good restaurant/etc.,” I can easily tell everyone single one of you that you are wrong. Completely wrong at that.

There’s just something about Littlejohn’s that always gets me, every single damn time. Sometimes I grab it for lunch after class, sometimes I get bored and grab a sandwich for dinner, sometimes a late night sub after a night out on Rugby. They’re like Bagel Bites (but infinitely times better) in that you can have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or all three if you please).

Of course, everyone at UVA should know that the best time to go into Littlejohn’s is at night after frats, apartments, bars, or wherever people were. I can easily say that 95% (I’m probably underestimating) of the people in there after 1 in the morning are some sort of intoxicated. Maybe that’s why the food tastes so awfully good. The line literally almost goes out the door and you’d probably be much better off waiting 10 minutes for a pita at Pita Pit or a Gus Burger at The White Spot. But no, these faithful, just like me, would much rather wait 35+ minutes for a Chipotle Chicken or a Free Bird.


With an unbeatable combination of ridiculously delicious sandwiches, 24 hour store hours, idiot intoxicated college students, and super friendly employees (shouts to my boys Ross, Kevin, Darrell, and John) who enjoy the crazy people they see every night, Littlejohn’s is the pinnacle of a college food spot.

I can say that I’ve been to Littlejohn’s quite often and each time I attempt to try a different menu item, eventually being able to have tried every wonderful creation. My favorite is definitely the Chipotle Chicken (pulled chicken, chipotle mayo, bacon, sautéed onions, perfection) with their special barbecue sauce. I know the barbecue sauce is just some regular sauce they buy by the gallon, but the fact that no other place has it and it’s got this tangy kick to it makes it so delicious on any sub or chips. I also highly recommend the Nuclear Sub, the Chris Long, the Sampson, the Blue Max (no onions), or the Italian. Honestly, everything is good.

As I wrap up my shameless plug for Charlottesville’s own food utopia, I reminisce on people who tell me they’ve never eaten at Littlejohn’s. At first I laugh, then I’m in shock. I suggest everyone go and get a Chipotle Chicken as soon as possible. Don’t forget the barbecue sauce.

Signing out,

Chuck Z


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6 Responses to Best Food in Charlottesville? You’re Wrong Unless You Say Littlejohn’s

  1. Jamelle says:

    This is pure sophistry. Little John’s doesn’t even rank on the list of best C’Ville sandwich joints, much less best places to eat period. Try again Switch, try again.

    • chuckzhao says:

      Doesn’t even rank on the list of best C’Ville sandwich joints? I can understand people’s arguments for not the best food spot, but what place has better sandwiches? TELL ME WHAT PLACE! Take It Away? Jimmy John’s? No one can deny the deliverance an LJ’s sub brings to the consumer. It’s like a Zidane headbutt to the taste buds. Whoever thinks Littlejohn’s is not one of the top places deserves a swift kick to the face!

    • D. Hud says:

      I agree with Chuck Z; I’m curious as to which sandwich joint is better than Littlejohn’s, in your opinion…

  2. i would LOVE to visit a place better than LittleJohns PUHLEASE inform the public. although i must say, the gas station all the way down ivy road…GOD im awful with names has the BIGGEST rival to Little Johns. Brie sandwiches (for the uppity negro)…thats all i gotta say.

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