In His Mediocre Zone: Chris Breezy’s Mixtape

In "his" Zone

Prince of pop no more. I presume beating your girlfriend half-to-death makes you a bonafied  “gansta” or in this case just plain BOLD. In a way, I feel like Chris Brown is relieved that he no longer has to live up to some pretty boy/role model persona. Now he can say WHATEVER he wants and call it a mixtape. I must admit I don’t hate ALL of it…just almost every single track that makes up “In My Zone.”

I’m not impressed.

Take for instance his cover of Trey Songz’s “Invented sex”—-“Invented Head”….yeaaaaaah. Vulgar to say the least- well as vulgar as Chris Brown can get anyhow. None the less, at least Trey left a little to the imagination…Mr. Brown wants you to know that he’ll “use his tongue…[he’s] the cookie monster.” Thanks Chris, way to ruin all my childhood memories. I guess I see where that metaphor can go but….Fail.

To be honest, if any of this sounded like his piece in “Ransom,” I could deal. But this is just WEAK. It’s mediocre to say the least, even strange. During “Work Wit It,” he picks up a very awkward Jamaican accent that frankly just made me uncomfortable. Ohhh DJ Drama…you will put your name on anything! as long as you get to scream GANSTA GANSTA….we know you’ll “NEVER STOP” but you should have. You just should have.

sooo Check it…let me know how impressed you are by this man’s whining and occasional cursing….

Take a listen or download:

Also. Too. As Well..You might be an “inventor” of sorts now but…Turnt is NOT a word Chris.

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5 Responses to In His Mediocre Zone: Chris Breezy’s Mixtape

  1. Joshua Adams says:

    Wow. I actually think theres about 3 or 4, maybe 5 good songs on here. I didnt really listen to the freestyles or covers cuz I tend to stay away from those, especially if they are from R&B artists. So that probably skewed my view of the tape as a whole. But I dont know. I dont think it was a classic or anything by all means, but there were some good songs. I feel like on some songs it was good music. If we attach his personal life to his music everytime we hear it, yeah of course it might be bad or hypocritical. But I try listen to keep the music aspect of his work to be what I focus on. I dont have to be a fan of Chris Brown to be a fan of his music.

    • Rev.R says:

      Yea musically its got some good points…but the only track that could possibly find its way to the radio or parties is Bad with Soulja Boy.

      • Joshua Adams says:

        I think convertible could. And i guess its different here on the east coast then. Cuz in the Chi, slow grindin songs get played in the club more that like realy hype songs like Bmore club music or somethin

  2. Dave says:

    You don’t get it. He said it over and over and over and over again on Ustream when he was recording some of the tracks. That this was for FUN nothing more, nothing less. It was just away for him to give back to his fans, because they’ve been asking for him to go sexual and he did. So don’t take it like this is how is next album is going to be. The mixtape was all all in fun. If you were on Ustream you would have heard some of his R&B/Pop songs he’s been writing for other artist like “Geronimo”, “Number One” that are really great song.

    I think you went into this expecting the old CB which you weren’t going to get. This was for his fans that wanted him to me a little more grown.

    Ps. “No Bullsh*T” is the buzzines. That tracks goes along with “Sex”, “Perfume”, “Too Freaky” and “Medusa.”

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