GaGa ooh la la

That’s how I feel about Lady Gaga’s latest photo-shoot and cover with Q Magazine, see it for yourself. I don’t think Gaga is the most attractive pop-star in the game and that spot is reserved for a select few with Mrs. Knowles-Carter at the #1.

But for someone who has achieved status as a pop star I respect Lady Gaga because she’s doing it in her own…crazy and sometimes disturbing way.

Lady Gaga’s goal was to prove that she isn’t equipped like a man. There have been some major questions about Gaga and her sexuality…but does it matter if she is making good music?!

Oh and this issue of Q Magazine has been banned in the US. The photos below might be more telling of the reason…or maybe “America” does not think Gaga is attractive enough when compared to RiRi on GQ.

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2 Responses to GaGa ooh la la

  1. chandalae says:

    ahahhaha I love that her nipples are showing, scandalous!!!! She is one ugly mother f*****

  2. Nersh says:

    Haha, I saw this earlier today…the pieces from the shoot are interesting, for lack of a better word…but I do give her props for being creative! Not that that’s surprising, since she always is. I think the shoot is just…HER. I’d much rather see her showcase her unique style than some blowup doll plastic surgery victim any day! Additionally, the shoot is a publicist’s dream…she’s getting paid for manipulating the boundaries of normalcy…
    Keep doing what you do Lady GaGa!

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