guess who’s back? kind of.

Courtesy True/Slant


The song’s called “Coldest Winter.” Take a sec to check it out HERE if you haven’t already.

Not too sure how I feel about it yet…

But whether you end up hatin or lovin it, you probably needed the 5 min. study break anyway. God knows I did.

The video’s definitely not what I expected from Kanye — especially because I expected him to actually appear in his own music video — but its worth watching at least once or twice, or until it starts growing on you…

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2 Responses to guess who’s back? kind of.

  1. $.dale says:

    Mess with that video!

  2. Rev.R says:

    Trend: Kanye loves putting women’s breats all over his music videos.

    CC: Touch The Sky, Flashing Lights, The Good Life, Best I Ever Had, Coldest Winter

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