C’MON SON (UVA Edition)

Yo, what’s up switch.Nation! It’s another new kid on the block $.dale. I will be your host for a feature known as C’MON SON (UVA edition). For those of you that don’t know C’MON SON was coined by Ed Lover (look him up on YouTube) for topics that were SO crazy you just had to go “COME ON SON!” So without further ado let’s get into this week’s COME ON SON features:

The first COME ON SON goes to this fool. I don’t care if you are pledging, you have a empty tide box and two rolls of toilet paper on yo head. COME ON SON! you look like an IDIOT. I don’t know what you’re pledging but you better be in a heck of an organization for this…wow.

The next COME ON SON! Goes to the McDonald’s on Barracks Road for this SAD version of a chicken nugget. Are you kidding? this looks like a deflated basketball on a inner city playground. COME ON SON! he only ordered two 4 piece nuggets. The least you could do is give my man WHOLE nuggets….COME ON SON!

And the 3rd and final COME ON SON goes to this idiot and all idiots like her. There is absolutely NO WAY you thought it would be warm enough for shorts right now. it is COLD AS HECK outside. i’m trying to think of what i can add to my jeans or sweatpants and you came out the house in SHORTS?! COME ON SON! use your head UVA students. I’ve seen people outside AT NIGHT in skirts, people in the library with a t-shirt and shorts on. It’s 40 degrees outside TOPS. you’ve got to be OUT OF YOUR MIND to think it’s worth putting shorts on. And people keep coming to me like “well maybe they were going to the gym” that’s what sweats are for! get you a pair!….COME ON SON!….

Well that’s my installment of COME ON SON for this week. be on the look out for next week! until then I’m $.dale signing out!


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4 Responses to C’MON SON (UVA Edition)

  1. pr0go says:

    LMAO! I love it. That nugget was painful…His facial expression says it all!

  2. chandalae says:

    i totally agree with the shorts/skirts/t-shirts…. every time I drive a bus and see someone with no clothes I just go THIS NIGGA/BITCH!!!! One time this girl goes I’m cold…. I just looked at her and her summer dress and rolled my eyes.

  3. Nersh says:

    Hahahha…People will never, ever learn. I said it before and I will say it again I don’t understand the mix-matched climate clothing on winter days…I don’t care if you think you’re fashionable, it’s 20 degrees outside and just because you’re wearing a coat doesn’t mean you can wear shorts!! lol. I look forward to more of these C’MON SONS to entertain me during midterms…

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