We get it. You’re sorry.

Was Tiger’s public apology really necessary?

I don’t know about you guys, but when my TV shows are interrupted and the words “Special Report” fly across the screen, I expect BIG news to follow. Not an apology for something we found out about what, almost three months ago?

I can’t say I was a fan of the moment-to-moment coverage on Tiger’s affairs the first time around. As exciting as it was to watch every news reporter in the free world staked outside his house, feeding America the same lack of information every five to ten minutes, it wasn’t…

Tiger and Elin just don’t have the P.R. appeal of a Jon and Kate Gosselin or a Kobe Bryant and uh… his wife (does anyone ever make it a point to learn her name, by the way?) There were no trash-talking interviews with People Magazine or messy rape trials to report. There was just the affair, a story which most people stopped reporting on a while ago and which no one in the Woods inner circle wanted to comment on to begin with.

Not surprisingly, today’s rehashing of the Woods affair was no more interesting than the original.

If you’re Tiger, why even bother reopening old wounds? People had moved on.

This should have been a time for him to lay low for a while, and to get himself photographed doing charity work for the elderly, playing in the park with his kids, saving cats from trees, that sort of thing.

More than that, though, if he did want  to hold a press conference to say how sorry he is for shaming himself, his family, and interestingly enough, his sport, would it be so much to ask that he practiced his speech before hand?

Watching Tiger read from the pieces of paper in front of him was a little mind numbing. The only animation he showed for almost 15 minutes was when he discredited reports of Elin’s domestic assault. The majority of the apology was a test of how many different ways he could say the simple words “I’m Sorry.”

Don’t get me wrong. I like Tiger. I just like him better when he’s not public speaking.

In some ways, his apology had to make you feel for him. He looked pitiful up there, especially when discussing (in length) what he’s learning in therapy. That, and the hugs he gave out after the speech to the reporters in attendance, were some very nice Dr. Phil moments (which was good, because if you were trying to watch Dr. Phil, it was probably being interrupted).

So, in the end, I hope things work out for Tiger. As someone who is not directly affected by his adultery, I think the only people who need an apology are his wife and family. If they’re ok with it, the world should follow suit.

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2 Responses to We get it. You’re sorry.

  1. Rev.R says:

    The whole “press conference” bothered me as well. Especially that it was covered as such breaking news. I don’t mean to try and discredit his apology but I think this would have been better closer to the start of the controversy. By waiting so long Tiger has left himself open to media bashing.

  2. D. Hud says:

    Dang… I was definitely about to write about this lol… great post though, and I agree with pretty much everything you said. The whole statement was really unnecessary, in my opinion. Just apologize and keep it moving…

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