“How To Make It In America”

Check this, there’s a new show on HBO called “How To Make It In America” that aired its first episode this past Sunday. The cool thing is, HBO uploaded the entire first episode on YouTube so everyone can get addicted (like me) quickly and early (the video is linked later in this post). For all the people who love Entourage, the producers of Entourage (including Mark Wahlberg) are in charge of the first three episodes of this show.

So what’s the show all about? It’s in the name. “How To Make It In America” follows two twenty-some year old dudes who try to make something out of their lives in the busy hard streets of New York City. Funny, it sounds just like any college student freshly graduated out of college in the real world. D. Hud, peewee, AP, Ron: how are Y’ALL gonna make it in America after graduation?

Here’s a nice video on the making and the details of the show:

But anyways, I really enjoy the show ‘cus it’s something like the show “The Wire”, but a little more watered down and not as crime-oriented (don’t get me wrong, The Wire is one of the dopest shows, EVER!). It’s got that urban feel to it, of course since it’s focused in NYC, and it’s extra entertaining. If anyone actually watched the video above, you’ll notice my dude Kid Cudi is pursuing a lil’ acting and has a role in the show, so that’s always cool to see. So without further ado, below is the season’s first episode in its entirety. It’s definitely a good watch and I hope this post will put you onto the show a little bit. Also, to my boys out there pursuing the right lady, Cam says a great quote in this episode: “He who hesitates, masturbates”. “How To Make It In America” airs on Sundays at 9:30 on HBO. I know we don’t have that in C-ville, but I’m sure people know a way to watch it online or download the episodes after they air. Enjoy!

“How To Make It In America” – Episode #1

Keep on keepin’ on,

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8 Responses to “How To Make It In America”

  1. dkayeii says:

    i have to comment on this. greatest cinematography. the show has me wanting to jump in the screen.

    not tryin to blow anyone but, was it just me or did cudi look a lotta cracked out while playin his role?

    • chuckzhao says:

      “not tryin to ‘BLOW’ anyone but,…”

      I see what you did there.

      But in all seriousness, his role is to stand around and drink bottles of wine lmao.

  2. Moochie says:

    I was DEFINITELY about to write about this. errrrr!
    Can’t be too mad since it’s your birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

  3. D. Hud says:

    As Moochie said, Happy Birthday (again)! To answer your question though about how I’m going to make it in America after graduation, my answer is pretty simple: I have no clue! I’m moving back in with the parents for a year and working at home (lame…), but after that, I really have no idea… I just wanna be… I just wanna be successful…

    • pr0go says:

      Loving the Trey shoutout!
      Yuuuppppp! Y’all used to tease me all the time. Now “which one of y’all” keep quoting him (not just this one time…u know wot Im talking about)

  4. pr0go says:

    Pr0go aka Pee-Wee aka Pee-Weezy here(take your pic)
    Happy BDAY ZHAO. Prep for a great night!
    to answer the question, I am NOT trying to “Make it in America”. That’s old news people. I AM TRYING TO MAKE IT IN AFRICA! And yes, that will be a show sometime in the future. My time in America is limited by choice…Im going back home as soon I can. The American Dream has been around for an age, its time to make the African Dream.
    How am I going to do it? Can’t give away secrets to my success this early. Let’s just say “switch.” is only the beginning…(that goes for all four of us switch.originators)

    LMAO @ “He who hesitates, mastubrates”.

    Let me watch the show and come back to comment some more

  5. snookikarad says:

    HAPPY DAY OF BIRTHHHH!!! and yes I caught the show! SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!I do in fact get HBO…so I think we all need to seriously consider a sunday “How to make it in America” weekly gathering! and I must say, Kid Kudi playing himself..I’m not even going to lie….I LOVED IT! I’m impressed by the show as a whole. However, I do feel like they did take like all the characters from Entourage and mashed them into the two main characters…but hey it’s working!

    -also anyone who caught the show also feel like kid kudi might need to get his chest game up a little? I’m just sayin…

    – pee-wee…when you do get caught up…lot me know how obsessed you are!

    and no lie….I’m glad I don’t have to “make it in america” for another year or so.

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