Kobe cleans up really well

I put this up…just because I can! Eye Candy!

Check out his GQ interview, “In It To Win It”, here. The author, interestingly,chooses to write the piece covering different parts of Kobe’s body (e.g. index finger, left wrist etc) and how those parts have affected his life. Good piece on an athlete who values his privacy.

The pic is for the enjoyment of the female readers. D&G suit and all…

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4 Responses to Kobe cleans up really well

  1. D. Hud says:

    I won’t comment on the “eye candy” aspect of this post lol… but the GQ interview itself is beast. Definitely one of the best I’ve read about Kobe.

    • Rev.R says:

      Yea, don’t really care about the looks. Did you actually get a copy of the issue or is the article interview online?

      And even though the Lakers are winning when is Kobe coming back?!

      • D. Hud says:

        Well, based on his interview today on PTI, he looks a little too comfortable to be sitting on the sideline lol, so I have no idea…

      • Joshua Adams says:

        Naw that man is chillin. lol. I know he has to be tired. like come on. When people say “There’s always someone workin harder than you” they are talking about Kobe. He takin his time cuz he knew he needed rest. But yeah, this GQ will be in my collection by today. Its a close second to Rihanna’s cover………i take that back. Its a far second from Rihannas cover. But still 2nd nonetheless

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